Webster defines Selfish as, “concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.” We are raised to believe that being selfish is wrong. I believe greed is wrong. Robbery and murder are wrong. But putting yourself first; your happiness and pleasing yourself FIRST, is not wrong.

On the contrary we are taught that being SELF-less is ok. Taking your own emotions, benefits and overall well-being out of the equation for the “greater good” of a situation, is ok. We are told that sacrificing our happiness is noble and commendable. With the exceptions of a parent to a child, when has this ever benefited anyone? Never. When has making yourself less happy made you feel good about yourself. Never. Think about how many people you know that would be better off is they were more about self (selfish) instead of less about self (selfless)We all know that athlete, actor, friend, uncle, who tried to bring everybody along and wanted share his happiness because they were taught to put their “greater good” second.

We may believe we commit “selfless acts” daily. However, we are essentially “paying it forward”, hoping to get something in return. Whether your giving to the homeless man or holding a door for a lady. Your hoping to be blessed in return for helping the less fortunate, and your most definitely holding that door to look at that lady’s butt. My point is, when was the last time you’ve consciously been selfish for your “greater good“? When was the last time you treated yourself for your “greater good“? We go daily suppressing our own happiness and trying our best to make the world happy. Well let me tell you, happiness is in the heart of the beholder. If you are making an effort daily to love yourself and make yourself happy, your world will be happy. You’ll surround yourself with happiness because you will know what happiness looks like because you look at it in the mirror.

Take yourself on a date. Go to the park and read a book after work. Go find a swing and swing til you can’t stop thinking about the freedom of when you were a child. Life is hard enough. Bills, war, gas prices, poverty, taxes and on and on are all facts that we can’t control but our HAPPINESS is solely dependent on you being more SELFISH.


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