Nobody Wants To See…

Nobody wants to see the weight lifting, the several mile runs, the pain of not being able to go home or the thousands upon thousands of practice shots just be able to sink a game winner or the tears from frustration because you can’t win the “big one”…. They just want to see you get drafted number 1, win multiple MVPs and win a ring.


Nobody wants to see the hours of studying binary codes, reading books and going to class or breaking rules to pursue your fascinations, how you dropped out of college or how your brilliant idea was rejected or why you were kicked out of your own company or how taking drugs are cool… They just want to see the iPod, FaceTime on a cellphone and become one of the greatest inventors of all-time.


Nobody wants to know you never knew your real father, or that you got kicked off the football team your senior year in college or that you got beat up on your  birthday and you didn’t start acting until you were 23 or you had days when your checking account matches a winter day in Alaska… They just want to see two Oscars, billboards with your face on it and you in a blockbuster film every year, since 2014.


One Comment

  1. I love this!!!! Nobody wants to see!!!! James I am extremely proud of you. You are a great representation of a man on a mission. I’ll always keep you on my prayers homie!! XOXO


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