An Accumulation of Success

I’ve been acting for a little over two years now. I first started with studying under award winning actress, Stephanie St. James and currently, working with Ralph Kinard at the Miami Acting Studio. Over these past two years, I’ve booked several commercials, a pilot and a music video but I haven’t been able to book a coveted SAG gig. I’ve done three SAG extra gigs, two of which I auditioned for principal roles. I’m getting close but it’s frustrating.

I played sports throughout my youth into my adulthood, eventually excelling in football. It landed me a full scholarship at Penn State. However, acting and even modeling, had been that exit on the road of life I passed up but always stuck with me. My first acting gig came as Martin Luther King in elementary school. I don’t remember which grade but I played Dr. King during his March on Washington. I gave the “I Have A Dream” speech and Ebony Rose-Thompson played Correta Scott King. I remember feeling comfortable on stage; No fear. I also remember learning how to catch a football and getting hit the first time on a field by my brother/cousin/homie (not blood-related but more than just a friend) Marcus. So that acting bug that landed on me during that historic speech I gave in front of my peers at Plummer Elemnetary, flew away. So for the next 15 or so years, all of love was for football.

Now almost four years since I’ve even put on football cleats, the bug is back. I made a U-turn and hit that exit. Im learning that even though very small, that role in elementary along with Theater 101 I took freshman year at PSU, they count towards my process. Unfortunately, unlike when I was 8 years old and was willing to take the grueling punishment and learning curve that required patience with football, picking up acting in my 20’s is tough. 

I just started reading a special edition Life magazine is doing this month where they are featuring Icons. There are several they are featuring but the one that attracted me was the one with Jack Nicholson on the cover. Him, like so many others, started acting early on i.e high school, drama school, etc. I started earlier than him and so many others, however, its all about an accumulation of practice and learning. Not only did he do some acting in high school, he then moved to LA where he put in 12 years of acting class before he got his first big lead in a film. I put in about 12 years of playing football before I got my first big break in the form of scholarship offers. 

Yes, Im frustrated right now because I feel like I don’t have the time to wait 12 years for my big break in acting. Im 20 plus years old with a newborn son. But I’m not afraid. Ive already put in some hours for this thing to work out, now I have to just keep working towards my next big break.

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