This year has been remarkable. But of all my accomplishments, my greatest is my son, Kekoah. He is my new beginning. He is my restart button. He is my motivation and the renewer of my faith in God and in love. He is also the reason, I’m slowly becoming a stay at home Dad.

In older movies and shows, and among higher income families, at least until the past decade or so, women stayed at home, while the husband provided. I watch Mad Men, and Don Draper gets home to tuck his children in. You have shows like Desperate Housewives and my new favorite, The Goldbergs. In all of these examples, men are home after work and women hold down the fort. However, my family, like a lot of modern families is structurally different.

Not drastically. My lady isn’t pulling long hours at the office and coming home to kiss e on the forehead and asking “whats for dinner?”. Our situation is just different. I am model and actor. Im an independent contractor and I have a part time job but on my days off, which are about 3-4 per week, Im home with my kid. Im left to clean the house, run the errands, and be the nurturer until she gets home. I even find myself watching Bravo TV and reading People magazine. 

I still feel like a man. I don’t feel any less manly because I buy her tampons and wash clothes or get manicures while rocking a stroller with my foot. I actually have come to enjoy this new position. Its renaissance-ish. Im inspired by the delight in his eyes and I’m learning to empathize with the plight of moms everywhere who stay at home full time.

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