The Best After Bad

Like a lot of Breaking Bad fans, Ive been searching for something to supplant my tv entertainment fix. Luckily for me its football season and I enjoy Seinfeld and Friends re-runs on TBS. But here are a few of new favorite shows that will suffice until something shatters my cable world again.


American Horror Story

This is my most recent fixation. I started out as less than thrilled a couple years back when the show first premiered. I only used to watch it because it used to air before another show I enjoyed. But i recently caught up on season 2 on Netflix and of course i ran through it in about 48 hours. I look forward to catching up on the 3 season, currently airing every wednesday at 10 on FX

Mad Men

Don Draper was neck to neck with Walter White as my favorite anti-hero-hero until I lost track of Mad Men. This is another show I discovered on Netflix and ran through the first 4 seasons just to catch up. Now Im waiting and anticipating its return this year.





Like a lot of guys, this is my guilty pleasure. This was a show that i only watched because of my fiancee. At first, I was apprehensive because I enjoy a show with great script writing, not just sensation. Well I guess thats the cure for average script writing, great actors and a heavy dose of Scandal, pun intended.

The Walking Dead

AMC has produced some of the most groundbreaking television shows. Some may argue that HBO has a better line-up, and I can’t refute because I refuse to upgrade my cable to include HBO and Showtime programming. Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Walking Dead are all original programming which takes ordinary men and put them in extraordinary prediciments. The Dead has lost some of its luster but its still enough for me to sink my teeth into every Sunday.



*I would add the League and Its Always Sunny but of course they had to move to FXX

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