My First Birthday Party

I can’t recall ever having a birthday party. Ive had sleepovers with pizza, and I remember always getting cake and ice cream and sharing with my siblings but I don’t remember a party. I don’t remember balloons and music, and I never had the chance to pass out invites at school. My mom says i had a couple of birthday parties growing up but she couldn’t recollect which years, so i concluded Ive never had a birthday party.

This past weekend that ended. To my overall surprise, my loved ones collaborated to throw me a surprise party during my visit back home to D.C.. I had an inkling I was going to have a party weeks prior but I couldn’t find any proof; no one cracked. Im glad they didn’t. It brought much joy and humility to me. I can’t thank everyone enough who made my birthday the best one to date. Just about everyone I care about in one room for me. It was a little awkward with several ex-girlfriends showing up but my lady was the most gracious host and I thank her for holding it together, mostly. I had the most epic fail cake of all of my birthdays. It was a “modelImage

cake with two random black guys on it, that looked like me but were suppose to be me. I loved it! I loved every single moment of that night. Ill cherish it forever in my heart and ill never forget my first birthday party (that anyone can remember).


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