Stay at Home Dad Chronicles : Day 1

Officially, Im a full time actor and model. So officially, I don’t have much to do right now. I do my daily meditation. I hit the gym (not today because of neck spasms). Feed my son, then feed myself. Ill check out ESPN, CNN and some of the local news. And before, yesterday, I would get dressed for work, dress my son to get dropped off at the babysitter before I head off to work.

Now, my morning routine has been cut in half and then doubled. Now, I need to meditate and step away a little longer, I need to hit the gym and then play basketball, I watch ESPN for several hours until it disgusts me. And instead of just giving my son his morning feeding, now I have to do the mid-morning feeding, put him down to nap, then playtime, lunchtime, after lunchtime bottle, nap, and repeat until his mom comes home.

It can be frustrating but I just step back, take a breath and I enjoy it. I try to make the most of it. One day, Im going to be traveling a lot. Ill be on sets continually. Ill be only available through email and FaceTime and Ill miss these moments. He is already 7 months and I can barely remember the months in between. So as I watch him, through his baby monitor, stand up in his crib and try to climb for his escape, I smile because one day I’m going to watch him try to climb out his window to sneak out with his friends.

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