The Weekend Doesn’t Mean LifeEND

Most of Americans (working Americans) unless you work retail, work five days a week. You clock in on Monday and are always looking ahead to clocking out on Friday. I have a problem with that. Its a blessing to have a job and we all have to do what we have to do, but is that it? Are we striving to just survive Monday through Friday and get paid every two weeks? Im not saying a 9-5 is bad but wasting your one life just living to work is spiritual suicide. We all have that voice inside us. Its a small voice that is drowned out by the noise and clutter. Its the voice we adhered to in our youth, that inspired us to color Barney the Dinosaur red instead of purple. Its the voice that helped us turn cardboard boxes into castles. And that voice is still there inside of all of us. Its yearning to play. This weekend listen to that voice and let it inspire you. Lets stop settling for mediocrity and just getting by. We are enough. You are enough. Be great Sunday to Saturday and everyday in between.

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