SAHDC: Day 9

Its been a little over a week since Ive become a full time actor and model aka an independent contractor aka a Stay-At-Home Dad. I’ve had a couple of gigs, a few castings and a photoshoot over the last week plus. So I’ve been busy enough but of course in between time, Im at home with my handsome mini man.

My new favorite show is officially Mickey Mouse ClubHouse; “Come inside, its fun inside”. (In about 18 years, I pray my son will hear that from some beautiful young lady) I really enjoy spending time with him. He seems to grow every time I turn my head. Yesterday he started climbing. I came in his room and he was standing on his piano. It sounds just how it looked. He can now stand and fall on his own, so it won’t be long until he’s walking. I remember when I could sit him somewhere and do a few chores, but now if I sit him down he’s likely to give an electrical socket a wet-willie.

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