You Have a Gift For The World; Share It

Over the past year or so, books like the Celestine Prophecy, The Artist Way and the Four Agreements, have caused paradigm shifts for me. I believe we all are talented, creators. I believe we all have been blessed with gifts, and are supposed to share those gifts with our fellow men and women. However, we tend to suppress our gifts, and talents in pursuit of riches, or run from them because of fear. The society we live in tries to put a price tag on your “worth”. And we accept these estimates because unfortunately money is needed to survive. You can’t eat, sleep or have a home without earning some money. Maybe I’m overestimating but I believe over 90% of Americans are a slave to someone else’s dream. We are indentured servants, indefinitely.

But I was thinking, what if we all just lived for our purpose? Take our god-given tools, our creativity and bless the world with our gifts. Thats it. No money exchanged. No pursuit of fame. I believe if this was our modus operandi, so much evil among the human race would be non-existent. Just think if the Wright Brothers just made the airplane. They just were able to bring this great innovation of travel to the world and expected nothing but to make a way for people to see more of the world more quickly and efficiently. Our if Coco Chanel just made beautiful dresses, and if someone wanted one they could just ask. Or if Walt Disney just made “the most wonderful place on Earth” and it was free admission. These great innovators and inventors just did, and weren’t paid money for it. They were paid with satisfaction that they brought something great to the world.

I know this theory has a lot of holes in it. To make a car and especially a plane is a lot of work. But eventually, if we all lived out our purpose, someone would create machines that could do the work for us. Jealousy, envy, hate and overall negativity and evil would still exist, but it would definitely be to a lesser degree. If I could travel, eat and enjoy nice things just as willingly as the next man, why would I envy him? Why would I be jealous?

I’m saying all this to just say, pursue your own goals. I’ve been alive long enough and I’ve seen people live out someone else’s modus operandi. I’ve seen people make a lot of money that way but somewhere along the line, maybe late 40’s, 50’s, maybe even later, they get an itch. Their dreams come back. The dreams that they buried under paychecks. The dreams that they buried under their kids’ aspirations or their spouse’s. We don’t have long in this life. Our bodies will wither by the time we decide to run that race or climb that mountain, if we continue to fight for pennies to payback the same people who pay us. Find your purpose, again and share it with the world!

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