Ball is Life

2015-02-05 19.07.06There are very few physical activities, even less sports, you can continuously perform for decades; one of them is basketball. From the time when you start walking as an infant to the time you are pooping your adult diapers, you can grab a basketball. In between that time, you learn to dribble, pass, lay it up, shoot from distance and the lucky few, start to dunk.

To me, basketball represents life better than any sport. In basketball, just2015-02-05 19.09.06 as in life your skills grow. You start off basking in your youth. Leaning on your physical skills and raw talents. Then as you mature, you get smarter, you incorporate knowledge of the game with your physical skills. And as you get older, your physical skills start to diminish. Dunking and diving for loose balls take a toll on your body. So you are forced to become more resourceful. Develop that mid-range game. Get back to working the glass.

We all as young people have come against that “old guy” at the court. He doesn’t jump much, but always gets rebounds and has a nasty post game. I’m in that in between stage. I’m not quite the “old guy”. I can still throw it down but I’m not dunking on people anymore. I’m getting wiser. Learning how to work smarter, not harder. Efficiency is key. Ball is life!!!


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