Looking Back to Appreciate the Future

These last few weeks have been a great run. I’ve grown culturally, traveled out of the country, faced fears, reached goals and had fun. This past Monday, I sort of reached a big goal of mine but I won’t talk about it until I see the results of it and I legally can’t talk about most of my past month in a public fourm. But after experiencing these last 30 days, I still feel incomplete; unsatisfied. I did some pretty f’n cool ish that less than 1% of the world has done and I still feel like “eh”.

So I did what I always do to get a self-esteem boost. I went to go post a picture on img868Instagram. As I scrolled through looking for a picture, I ran across images from my very first photoshoot. I smiled as I just reminisced on that guy in those pictures. It was only 4 years ago, but that guy had a different perspective on life. He believed in different things. His goals were different. He had hair for god’s sake! But he was not who I am. Today, I could run circles around that guy. I’m smarter. I’ve seen more than that person. I’m richer, not only financially, but in life. I’m better than that person. I’m an evolved version of myself, and I’m proud of that.

I get frustrated on my journey. I get deterred and sad. I have so many goals and I’m afraid that I won’t reach them. But it took me to run across these pictures to reflect. My journey has been a long one, and it started way before these pictures. Even so, looking at these pictures made me realize how far ahead I am in my pursuit of all my goals.


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