SAHD: Day 256

After 2 weeks of being away from him, I am back on Stay-at-home Daddy duty. After not seeing him for a while, he’s developed skills I wasn’t prepared for. To add to his super powers, he’s now learned how to not only climb out of his crib, but as I found out about today, he knows how to climb in. This new development plays a pivotal role in my every day dealings.

Typically, he wakes up around 7. We play, eat breakfast, watch a little tv, then he’s back to sleep around 9:30, 10. Sometimes, rarely, the latest is 11 for his morning nap. He’s usually out for about 2 hours. I cherish these 2 hours. These are a very precious 120 minutes because after that he’s unleashed until his bedtime around 7:30 at night. During his nap I usually blog, catch some ESPN, get some creative ideas out of my system or depending how the morning went I may nap too.

However, his new climbing ability threw all of that out of the window today. I put him down around 10. He went down with no fight, which is unusual but it has precedent. Little did I know, he was just calming his heart rate for his ninja-like escape. As I clean up his toys in the living room, I hear noises in his room. I hear toys moving. His mom told me he could climb out of his crib, but I didn’t believe it until I saw his door handle move and his afro pop out of the door.

After he bragged about getting out of his crib, of course in a language I couldn’t understand, I just picked him and put him back down. This time I stood by his door, listening. I heard movement,again. So I peeked in. This time I watched him escape! Impressed, and defeated at the same time like getting dunked on by Lebron James. This time, I just let him play for a while longer. After about maybe 15 minutes, I hear him drinking his bottle. That usually signals, “Its nap time”. So I go to put him in his crib only to find him already in his crib. Sorcery! I couldn’t help but smile at this feat, while also hoping that he’s out for the count. Well, you guessed it. Just a few minutes later, I hear the toys, then I see the door handle and out pops his ‘Fro.

This went on for 3 hours! 3 hours of me putting him down, him escaping, then trying to operate around him, then playing, then him grabbing his bottle, climbing in his crib and REPEAT!

One Comment

  1. what a blessing it is to be a parent and to watch your baby do good/bad things. Hang in there daddy, it only gets better!


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