Year of Finishing: 1st Quarter

As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2015, I must say I’m off to a good start. I’ve done been able to do some great things during the early stages of this year. I’ve been working consistently, which is the goal of any model or independent contractor. I’ve traveled internationally and I’ve been booked again to travel abroad, and again to a place I’ve never been. I am reaping the harvest from the work I put in. And this is the part that scares me.

BELK-m344uarunsinglet040915-9731I, like others, tend to get complacent when things start going well. In the past, I would reap my harvest. Enjoy it and live well for a stint. Only to start to struggle weeks later. I never stopped to realize that in order to continuously enjoy the fruits of my labor, I can’t put off laboring for too long. 

My obstacle for the next quarter, especially these next 2-3 weeks is to continue to put in the work that not only got me here but to build on it. I know better, and now I must do better.


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