Too Black, Too Bald


As a model, I was told, recently, “being bald will hinder you” and was asked to grow my hair back (If I could, I would). Add that to the fact I was told I’m “not light enough” and “we need to make sure you’re not coming of too dark”. I responded in a respectful, political manner, but in my heart, I said, “Fuck that shit. Kiss my bald head and my black ass.”


One Comment

  1. Whoever told you that clearly doesn’t understand how it all works. Modeling gigs are 100% reliant on what the artists want. Yes, some want models with hair. Others want a bald model. Others don’t care. Same holds true for skin color. For that matter, plenty of artists want female models only. Professionalism and a good work ethic (not to mention persistence) will all take someone much further than the criteria mentioned above.


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