So Ambitious

One of my favorite Jay-Z songs is “So Ambitious” off of the Blueprint 3 album. It resonates with me. It speaks of him dealing with doubt and overcoming fear. He raps about how family members, teachers and peers all brushed off his rap dream as non-realistic. I learned maybe less than 6 years ago, that successful people have non-realistic goals.


At-Work Selfie 2011

When I signed with Wilhelmina (Miami) 4 years ago, I tried to be realistic. I’m not super skinny, I’m too commercial and I’m starting older than most, so I decided to model “part-time”. I would work and whenever I book a job, I would just call out. Because “realistically, I need money coming in continuously and since I probably won’t ever be a big time model, I’ll just do it “part-time” and hopefully I can land a management position at a “real” job. I did this and thought this way for 2.5 years. Eventually, I started booking more jobs, but I would miss castings and even turn down smaller jobs because I didn’t want to lose my “real” job. I hated my job. I hated the drive to work. I hated not being able to act on my creative ideas because I was to busy in a stock room or ringing up a customer (I worked retail). So, about 3 years in, I decided to stop being unhappy. I quit my job. I decided to take a leap of faith and try modeling full-time.

It was a scary decision. Modeling, up to that point, was going ok but not enough to live off of but I was tired of trying to be “realistic”. I made that decision on February 4, 2014. I’ve been a full-time model for a little over a year, and I’ve the most prosperous year all around. I’ve traveled more than ever, worked with clients I’ve dreamed about and oh yeah, the money has been rolling in like never before. jamesIG

Recently, I even signed with an agency in the fashion capital of the world -New York City – Fusion Models.

The journey is far from over. Far from over. Far, far, faaaaar from over. I’m still not as good as I want to be and I still have “unrealistic” goals I plan on obtaining. But as Jay said “I’m balling out of control. Can you hear my sneakers?”

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