2015 Goal Evaluation


Photog @elliotcito

By this time every year, just guessing, I figure about 40% of every one who made a resolution are still on track. Fighting tooth and nail to make it through. I’d say 25% have fallen off track but are making a conscious effort to keep their goals in mind. That leaves 35% who gave up and are looking forward to starting a new resolution next year. By the end of June -which I call halftime – by halftime, that 35% club will turn into the 50% club. People will fall off, get back on, fall off and some will eventually quit.

For now, I’m honestly in that 25% club. I’ve fallen off, lost sight of my goals, to find them again. I’ve been knocked down, gotten back up. Walked in and out of a storm. It’s not even halftime yet and I’m battered and bruised. I’ve accomplished so much in 2015 already that I started feeling comfortable and content with relaxing. But I can’t! You can’t either!


Stay tuned for Season 3 of the Invictus Challenge

This is the YEAR of FINISHING! Not “Halfwaying” or “Almosting”, but FINISHING! I’ve done a lot but I still haven’t reached MY goals. I’ve almost accomplished my goals. I shot for Tommy Hilfiger, but not a campaign. Almost. I’ve traveled to Mexico, but not London, Rome or Italy. Not quite. I booked a pretty good print ad, but not a SAG commercial. Ugh Almost. I’ve made a good amount of money, but not enough to buy a house. Halfway.

Lets refocus. Re-energize. Take a few minutes to figure out why you were reaching for these goals in the first place. For all those who already reached their goals, go to level 2 of your goals. If you already lost that weight, lets firm up that body. If you already traveled to that country, lets visit another. If you already made that money, lets double it. Halfway, almost and not quite are not FINISHED.

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