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I arrived at Teterboro at around 1pm on Saturday. I’m freaking out because I’m already late to my meeting with Tommy (Hilfiger). After several wildly successful campaigns working for Tommy Hilfiger Clothing, I have decided to start my own clothing line and Tommy, even though he’s nothing more than a figure head for the brand he started, volunteered to be a consultant for me. Along with the help of ‘Ye (Yes, Kanye), I am starting a a lifestyle line. Not just clothing but everything from bed sheets to diapers. The plan is for 30% of all proceeds will go toward a cause undetermined yet. It will definitely involve African Americans and education, just not sure in which capacity, yet. Anyway, I’m still working on a name. ‘Ye thinks I should call it “Black James”. I like that idea but it reminds me of a crackhead.

Other than that, I’ve been great. My meeting with Tommy was productive. Big things ahead. We laughed and joked about how we are making millions every year , and he agreed to donate again to my youth football league back in DC. Tommy loves the kids. My son and wife are phenomenal. My wife just finished her 5th year as head of our montessori school, The KKM Institute. It’s such a wonderful thing when you have an establishment that is actually educating the youth that everyone passed over. Our son won the 5th grade spelling bee recently. He’s also the tallest kid in 1st grade. He actually asked me if he could donate his allowance. I asked him to where, and he said “deez nuts”. Hilarious little guy.

Well until next time,

James Lorenzo

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