I’ve Never Been The Exception to the Rule

James_07I’ve never been the best person in the room. In just about every situation, I’ve never been the most suited person for the job. I was never the best person on any of my teams, never the smartest in any classroom and I wasn’t (still not) even the best looking one among my friends. But somehow, I won the MVP trophy, I made the honor roll and I signed a modeling contract. I’m not an exception to the rule; I am the rule. James 16

I’m not Micheal Jordan, I’m not Scottie Pippen, I’m not even Dennis Rodman. I’m like Steve Kerr. I would love the glitz and glamour. I wish I was “that guy”, but they are exceptions; blessed with traits that I lack and can’t match. But instead of wishing and complaining about my shortcomings, I try my best to maximize what I have. I can’t afford to take the shortcuts.

You may not be 6’5 or you may not be a size 2 ; can’t play music by ear or have the eye coordination to hit a fastball. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It takes effort for us normal beings. It takes grueling hours of pain, tears, disappointment and rejection. It’s not easy following the rules and not taking the shortcuts. But thats the difference between being great for the moment, like a lot of great superstars who are now lost without their “exceptional” gifts and those who had to follow the rules. Steve Kerr went on to have great career (3 championship rings with Chicago and 2 with San Antonio) but also managed an NBA team, did some TV analyst work and now coaches the team with best record in the NBA.

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