Entries from My Golden Diary

Life seems to have slowed down lately. I see clearly what I’m accomplishing before I accomplish it. My vision, and anything that isn’t apart of it, are all clear. We just purchased a baby Zebra. Ko named him, Mr. Polka Dots. He’s an interesting little creature – the zebra.

I just found out that Ted is going to allow me to purchase half of the Wizards. I’m so excited that he finally is listening to reasoning. I told him I do not want any shares of the Caps. Hockey is too fickle of a sport with their union and going on strike every 4 years or so, but the Wizards have been championship contenders for the past 5 years. Now with the deal eminent, I can’t wait to explore the possibilities and ways to give back to the children of DC. I know that I’ve donated lots of money already but when you’re doing something with love and compassion, you don’t keep count. But it has been $2,009,657.78 .

Well until next time,

James Lorenzo

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