Being connected and completely disconnected

Prayer Pilgrimage

Recently while I was spending a few days in Seattle to visit friends, I went by a street corner where people were waiting on the bus.

There was a group of 15 women, of all different ages and ethnicities. Each ad every single one, about 4 or 5 feet apart, had their eyes and fingers glued to their smartphone. I wonder who they were texting, what they were posting or what they were reading?

They were likely communicating with someone out there, be it posting on social media or text messaging. In that way, they were doing something the human race now has the technical capability to do; to be instantaneously connected with others no matter where they are. In that way, they were connecting.

However in another way, they were completely disconnected. I wondered if they engaged at all with the people around them? Did they even realize, mentally…

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