The Year of Finishing: Halftime is Over

Lorenzo06July officially signals the 2nd half of 2015. How are you doing on your goals? Have you forgotten what you opened the year to do? Its time to refocus. We are just coming off a holiday weekend. Hopefully, you’ve spent time with family and/or loved ones and ate well. Hopefully, you’ve been able to travel to a beach or two, or like me, that country you’ve been dying to get to.

For me, so far, I’ve knocked out one solid goal; travel to London. However, to be completely transparent, I also fell off track when it came to changing things in 2015. I did drink alcohol and I ate fried food ( I had to have Fish and chips and London). I justified both, forgave myself and I’m moving forward.


All the mistakes or missteps you made so far during this year, can stop today. The only mistake you can continue to make is to think you can’t start over. Lets go guys. 2015 can still be that dream year. Lets FINISH!!!


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