Built “Southeast” Tough

Ford has a great slogan to represent their trucks, “Built Ford tough”. As I look back on my life – where I’m from, the things I’ve overcome, the people I’ve met – I started to think I couldn’t be where I am without being from Southeast, D.C. Lorenzo08

Southeast molded me. It instilled in me something that can’t be found in every neighborhood. A toughness, not like scrapping your knee and not crying and not the extreme of having to sleep in an abandoned building as a homeless child, but the ability to not know when we should give up. It’s an attitude, a mindset that I see in my brother, in my mother and in my friends from the old neighborhood. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t use this gift to overcome, Most just take it as a given because everyone around them has this gift.

I’m built “Southeast” tough. I’ve lost a long time ago. But no one told me the game was over. I’m built to take the long route of rocks, heavy winds in an ice storm. I’m built to get up from a 9 count, 3 times and in the 12th round knock the shit out of you. I’m built to lift the mountain up and not know I wasn’t suppose to, because when I looked at it, I just saw a rock in the way. You’d be a fool to bet against me.

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