SAHD: Day 345

It’s been a while since I’ve stayed home alone with my son. Ive only been with him about 5 days over the past two months (writing that, just made me realize that). I was in Europe for several days, I was working in Chicago a few times, then I was off to New York for the past month and some change. I only saw him for his birthday, and for three days on a surprise up in NYC. Safe to say, my Stay-At-Home Dad card has been suspended. Maybe revoked.

However, today, I was able to do something I’ve always dreamed of. Something so many parents do everyday. Something that may seem so minor to others, but to me, it was monumental. Today, I dropped my son off at school.

Now, today wasn’t his first day. This will be his fourth week (yes, I missed his first day- REVOKED). I got him dressed this morning and brushed his teeth. After, he ate breakfast, he grabbed his lunchbox off the counter, then proceeded to grab my hand, “Go, Dada.” As we waited for the elevator, he went to go stare at the pool, and as he stood there I marveled at him. So inspired by his wonder and happiness, as he stood there smiling in his school polo, khaki shorts and classic shell toes. As we walked on the elevator, a lady complimented him and congratulated him on his first day of school. “Today is actually his 4th week of school,”, I corrected her. “And he’s only two.” I said pompously.

When the elevator opened, he grabbed my hand and we walked to the car. I buckled him in and gave him a kiss. Then we were off. After a few minutes of me rambling on about how proud of him I am and how much of prince he is, he stopped me. “Dada, no”, and he cracked up laughing. Took us about 15 minutes to get to his school. At his school, parents are advised not to walk their child to the door. Just pull to the curb and a teacher will come grab your child from the car and walk them through the entrance. So I pulled up, and waited. Waited. Waited. About three minutes later, a man waved at me, came to the backdoor, opened it, unbuckled my son. He cried a little, but he went willingly. He grabbed his lunch box and I watched him walk into the gates of his school. I cried a little.

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