Deep In The Season


Karl Simone NYC

In every major professional sport, there always comes a point in the season where teams are in the thick of things for a playoff spot or looking forward to trying again next year. In the NFL, you can tell by about week 9. In the NBA, around late-February, and in baseball around mid-August. The same thing applies to obtaining your goals.

By this point in 2015, you know whether you’re close to your goals or if you’re going to pack it up and try again next year. For those in the latter, for any avid sport’s fan, you also know about “that” team that comes out of no where and makes a playoff push.


Karl Simone

We are deep in our season. 2015 is not a lost cause, nor have you locked up your “playoff spot”. Let’s not get complacent with winning, and especially not losing. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself, “How am I doing?”, “Which goals have I obtained?”, “Which goals are within reach?”, and “Which goals do I need to let go for right now?” (It’s not a loss, just a change of plans)

Keep hustling and keep fighting as we get deep into the year of FINISHING!

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