Be more caring and understanding; listen and hear me

Be there for your sons and daughter; father and daddy

Provide without selling drugs. Cause affection is hard to get from just weekly daps and hugs

Be aware of other sexualities because being pro hetero can make you pro-hate

Speak up for your causes. Stand up for your people. Be aware of your manhood and the ones that lurk to steal it.

Don’t beat women to prove your dominance. Share the world with your queen.

Just pray she’s submissive enough to not want to be that, and King.

It’s hard for a black man. Living in a white man’s world that has given rights to every struggle except ours.

Gave our bars to private owners. Gave our bars to private owners. So whether you rap or trap, you’re owned by a private owner.

Take our fathers away and tell us to be men. Emasculate us by empowering everyone around us and telling us to stand down. Like the kid thats too big for his age.

Knowing that if we rise up, figure it out, get our shit together, come together, we will no doubt be free.

Free to reign

Free to be men

But most of all, free

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