New York

For the first time in my modeling life, I worked in arguably the “Fashion Capitol” of the world, New York City. Now I’ve had jobs in NYC before, but this summer, I actually lived in the concrete jungle.

I moved there July 13th. This came after signing with Fusion Models back in May. Signing with a NY agency is a huge accomplishment unto itself, but I knew in order to capitalize I had to actually be there. The hardest part was leaving my son. Not being able to see his face every day and to hear his laughter hurt. Nothing hurt more than watching him grow through pictures, Snapchat and FaceTime sessions. However, I believe this sacrifice will pay dividends in the future.


Straight off of the plane I was off to my first casting. That would be a sign of things to come. I stayed in NY until Labor Day, so almost 2 months. I’ll say there were maybe 6 days, including weekends where I wasn’t on set or casting. I was so busy that I wouldn’t even realize my level of exhaustion until I had a day off. 2015-07-16 10.47.51

For the first week or so, I stayed in SoHo, in the heart of Little Italy. After that, I stayed in an AirBnB right outside of Manhattan in Jersey City. Then, I stayed a few weeks with my best friend and his family in Bayonne, New Jersey. I was surprisingly comfortable living the life of a nomad.

Overall, my experience as a New York model, was awesome. The energy of the city is electric, even though its probably the filthiest place I’ve ever been. Just the way they throw trash on the curbs and rats fighting in train stations, it was gross initially. But I grew to accept it. The charm of the city outweighs it. I was able to work for some great clients, hopefully I impressed others and I was able to knock out some killer shoots. Met some cool people, ate great food and took in some awesome sights.


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