About Me: Favorite Movies

I can’t consider myself a movie critic. I enjoy a good movie, but its only my opinion that considers it good in my world. With that said, here are some of favorite movies of all-time.

New Jack City

hqdefaultDefinitely a cult classic. It stars Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock and Ice T. I like it because it depicts African American men in positions of power and of intelligence, even though its through the late 80’s, early 90’s crack epidemic. The style and the vibes of the early 90’s with the doorless Jeep Wranglers and the gucci loafers and high top fades with Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall and Gerald Levert lending vocals.

Step Brothers

I realize that this Will Ferrell movie isn’t considered by many die-hard fans as one of his best films. However, as someone who didn’t catch on until Talledega Nights, this is my favorite Will Ferrell film. I can quote this film all day.

Diary of the Dead

I love scary movies. Its my favorite genre. My favorite type of scary movie is a great zombie flick. This one comes from my favorite zombie leader, George Romero. He’s responsible for a couple of my favorite zombie movies. Diary is one of those first person camera movies made popular by movies like the Blair Witch Project.Unknown

Night of the Living Dead

This is my favorite zombie film ever. Its the oldest movie I like (from 1968). Its just so raw and creepy. No CGI or excessive gore. Just turn off the lights, and all sound in your house. I can’t wait to watch this one with my son one day.

Coming to America

Eddie Murphy was probably the first actor whose movies I took in as a child (Harlem Nights, Raw and Beverly Hills Cop). Even though this one came out the year I was born – 1987 – its one of my favorites. It set a standard for comedies. I think some people view it as a spoof on African royalty, but I saw it as a well written comedy. I think Americans don’t view Africans as Kings and Queens, so to have Eddie Murphy play heir to the throne but comes to America to “soil his royal oats” (viewing America as a playground of sorts) , brought an underlining pride to African Americans.


Superbad_1lgA lot of people don’t know this about me, but I didn’t have a white classmate, friend or neighbor until college. So my perception and knowledge of the majority of America was through TV shows and movies. However, after my sophomore year at Penn State, I was fully aware of caucasians. I was so amused by their way of life. Not in a condescending way but it was truly fascinating and hilarious. To me, Superbad  showcased how I believed a lot of my white classmates lived prior to college.

Meteor Man

p14941_p_v7_aaWow. Meteor Man. Directed by and featuring Robert Townsend, this movie means a lot to me. Other than, Spawn, there aren’t any African American Superhero features. Recently, we had Micheal B. Jordan in the Fantastic Four, but as a standalone hero, you can’t name one other than Meteor Man.

Honarable Mentions: Dark Knight Rises, The Artist, Insidious, The Shining, 40 Year Old Virgin and Harlem Nights

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