4th Quarter: The Year of Finishing

I’m sluggish. I’m sick (literally). I’m tired.

As I type, I’m combating against all of that in order to finish 2015. This year has been my most challenging year. I had a huge expectations coming into this year. I heaped a lot of pressure on myself to do well, in my own opinion. As we start the 4th quarter, I’m down a few points. This year has felt like my Superbowl, and currently I’m down 10 points going into the 4th quarter.

I’ve traveled outside of the US three times this year. I signed with a major NYC modeling agency. I’ve worked with clients that I’ve only admired from a far. I’ve created images with the help of amazing photographers that I could’ve never done in the past. Physically, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a while; probably since my college football days. I’ve dropped my son off at school, we got a new truck and I raised my credit score.

All great things, but I’ve had miscues and have fallen short of my own expectations. I drank alcohol this year on a few occasions. For sure, I haven’t drank this little amount of alcoholic beverages since prior to college, but my goal was to eliminate it completely; I fell short. I did eat fried food. Again, down on the amount versus previous years, but my goal was to eliminate it; iI fell short. I didn’t completely eradicate the words, “Nigga” and “thot” from my vocabulary. I slipped up a couple times, and I have been referring to men as “brother” or “king” but again, I fell short.

My goal for the remaining quarter is to put up two touchdowns and seal the deal. Work on what I can work on. Control what I can control, and leave everything above, below and in between to the Universe. Lets FINISH strong, and I can’t wait to hear how great 2015 was to you!

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