Letter to Renzo

Dear Renzo,

You don’t know me yet, but I’m you. I’m who you become in 10 years. I wanted to write you to let you know everything will be alright. Everything thats about to happen to you over the next decade will only help you become a better man.

I know right now, you’re really focused on football but don’t let it consume you. That bible you keep in your pocket, keep reading it. Enjoy college. I know you’re having second thoughts but Penn State was the best choice. Im going to let you know, you’re going to run into a few obstacles. Try to get through them as best as you can, but don’t get overwhelmed by them.

Spolier Alert: Paris is going to dump you Freshman for some spanish dude. Don’t fight him. Don’t even trip. You’ll meet someone pretty special a few months later and she will change your life, but only if you’re single. I’m going to suggest but maybe it has to be done, but don’t sleep with too many girls. It’s fun and a good idea at the time, but you’ll become numb to the fact that feelings are involved and that will lead to future arguments with the “love of your life”. Oh yeah, she will hurt you too. Forgive her, and don’t seek revenge. She’s worth it.

Don’t drop your math class with the Korean teacher. If you just hold on, you’ll pass with a C, but still change your major; a business degree is pretty overrated in the future. Work hard, party hard and be nice to all people. Don’t buy that gun from Wal-Mart. Don’t pull a fire alarm, but don’t trip on getting a DUI. Also, it’s up to you, but don’t try to impress Chris and WIlie at the Freshman foam party, or try to swan dive off the 10m diving board. If you do, you’re going to have chronic neck pain for a while.

Practice hard every practice. Don’t take it personal if you feel like you’re not being recognized. You’ll get some shine, even win an award but you’ll never start a game. You guys will win a lot of games and you will get to travel. Don’t transfer. You’ll graduate early, and if you want, go for your masters or another degree. I’m into philosophy and religion, so maybe check that out.

Learn as much as possible, because you can’t go to the league. I mean you can, but I advise you against it. I’m afraid if you make it to the league, you won’t meet your son. He’s awesome. He’s everything you want to be; lightskin with good hair.

Don’t worry about the future. Try to stay present ( research how to stay present. Youtube is awesome. Use it). And Lydell, Jerome and Justin will be your best friends. They will seem wack at first but they won’t be wack forever. Oh yeah, keep the recruiter from IMG modeling agency’s contact info. It will save you from selling Nationals’ tickets. Oh yeah DC gets a baseball team. Also, please, please don’t shave your head bald before camp of your sophomore year. You’ll have plenty years of shaving your head.

Love you,


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