Seduced by Knowledge

The last five years have been pivotal for me. I’ve learned so many things post-curriculum based education – grade school through college. I sometimes find myself frustrated and upset over the things that I’m just know learning. For example, I can’t recall ever learning my constitutional rights. Or the fact, that Christianity has been brutally forced unto thousands of people throughout the years. I’ve read more books over the last two years, than at least the previous 10.

Learning things as an adult is scary. However, learning that your peers don’t care to learn is even more scarier. I understand. To hear that African-Americans have been strategically taught to hate themselves is a scary thought. To learn that our (African-American) leaders can never become too powerful or they will be sentenced to humiliation or death, is a scary thing to conceive. To know that prisons are state of the art and our schools are over-crowded and decaying, is a fact that can keep you up at night, IF you believed it to be true.

I have allowed myself to be seduced by ideas and theories. I’ve peeped into several religions, only to conclude that most of them center around love and compassion for one another. I’ve allowed myself to be seduced by the idea that aliens built the pyramids, only to conclude that the media just doesn’t want to give Africans credit because that would mean they were superior in some way. I’ve thought and reconsidered everything from Santa Claus, to homosexuality, to the Underwater city of Atlantis. I know a little bit of everything but I’m wise enough to know I know nothing.

If you don’t, I beg you to allow your mind to be free. Our minds weren’t meant to be controlled or manipulated. They were given to us to think. Think about everything. Consider everything! Everything that you posses was once an unthinkable idea. Your car, your shoes, your child, the cement streets, ice cream, even YOU. Don’t let anything restrict your thoughts. Dare to educate yourself. Dare yourself to be seduced by knowledge.

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