Entries From My Golden Diary

Dear diary,

2015-11-14 11.43.48.jpgToday, I watched my son take apart and repair the original Nintendo I found in my mother’s basement. Now, we have to go on ebay or craigslist to hopefully find some old games. He’s never really been into video games, but I told him about Duck Hunt and playing Mario when I was very young, and now all he wants to do is see what “old people used to do”.

I’m finalizing the contract to set up my very first grocery store. It’ll be the first African-American family owned grocery store chain in the states, I think. I know it’ll be the first family owned major chain that owns their own farms and the manufacturing company. I’m still torn on the name, but I’m leaning toward J.K^2 (JK Squared) or Bro’s Foodeary. I want to make organic food cool, the norm and affordable in low-income areas. With this store, I’m just looking to be profitable. I don’t need to overcharge to live large. I just want business to profitable enough to provide above average service and an excellent product. The workers will be afforded salaries with benefits, and my family -the owners – will take whatever is left. Every Saturday, our stores will close and will only open to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for anyone in need of a free meal.

I think today, I’m going  to just chill by the new infinity pool. I was supposed to fly to Oregon to talk to Phil Knight. I think I’m getting close to convincing him to move a big chunk of his operations back to America.

Til next time,


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