Still Learning …

Education does not stop when you no longer have to enter a classroom. Over the last five years I’ve learned more about life than I did the 20+ previous years. When I say life, I don’t mean algebraic expressions or the skills I was taught to pass government mandated testing, but rather things like how to file taxes or how to gauge tire pressure or reading books from Deepak Chopra. I feel like one should always seek information; always be learning. With every shoot I do, I try to incorporate all of the new information I receive. As a matter of fact, I believe its impossible to unlearn something, so I have no choice but to incorporate it.

I linked up with one of my favorite photographers, T’Laniece, and we did a sports themed shoot. With the recent passing of boxing great, Muhammad Ali, I’ve been reminded of how great he was in and out of the ring. As I was watching footage of him training, something sparked dawned on me – I have that sweatsuit. I have a sweatsuit from Anatomy Projects (whose motto happens to be Still Learning), and its similar to vintage boxing training gear.


With that in mind, some new Nike gear Ive been wanting to shoot, and the creativity between T and I, we present “Still Learning…” by Black Steel x T’Laniece.


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