Mr. Pro Player

A few weeks ago, I talked about my amazing experience with Pro Player. This week, the website launched – . Even though this isn’t my company, and most likely, my dealings with the company as a model will end sooner than later, I feel very invested in this brand. Pro Player believes you are a pro in real life – whether you’re a carpenter, a banker, or a chef. So you should dress like the pros when you go to workout or after work.

Thanks to Rita, and Jeff Staple, and all of the great people at Pro Player. Also, I’d like to thank We Are Not Pilgrims, and the good folks of the New York Mets and Citi Field.

Invictus Challenge Project: #SCUSA

IMG_20150420_165412Earlier this year, I was chosen to represent the United States on Season 3 of the Invictus challenge by Paco Rabanne. The challenge put myself and nine others, all from different countries, in situations that tested our endurance, will to win and against our fears – well at least for me. The end result, to win 50,000 euros for a charity or cause of your choosing.

I chose to represent Swag County, USA.

SCUSA is a youth football back in my hometown, Washington, DC and coached by my big brother/mentor/all-around great guy, Mike Mitchell. I am a product of youth football. I know the hardships that a lot of the youth have to overcome. For me, and I’m sure for a lot of these young men, hitting an opponent on the field was the best way to relieve stress and express your frustration.

I want to give back to this organization because I’ve been there. Ive had to stand on a major intersection on a Saturday morning and try to raise money, and I’ve had to borrow equipment from friends who played with other teams and I’ve had to play on crappy fields because we couldn’t afford to get it re-maintainced two weeks in a row.


If I win the Invictus Challenge, the money would be enough to provide SCUSA with the funds to refurbish equipment, provide new equipment, pay for buses to travel, waive registration fees for those who can’t afford it and help pay for indoor practice facilities which is pivotal for a city like DC that has snow and extreme heat. Estimated, this funding alone, would cover 2-3 years of these expenses.

So this season, if you feel I should win or if you just love my cause, follow me on IG: @mrjameslorenzo or twitter: @thejameslorenzo or show them your support by posting or reposting with the hashtag #SCUSA.