About Me

My name is James Lorenzo. I am a father, actor, model and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., I am a former college football player, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State. (We Are P.S.U.)

“Being original, is as simple as being yourself” – ME

photo-8     I’ve been modeling full-time since February 2014. The first agency to give me an opportunity was Wilhelmina (Miami). To be signed with arguably the best modeling agency in the world, especially at my age and experience at the time, was humbling and very exciting. Currently, I am still proud to call Wilhelmina home, as well as Visions in Los Angeles and, Stellar Talent who represent me commercially.
     I’ve been able to work with renown clients such as Perry Ellis, Nike, Reebok, Belk, Pro Player, Jack Daniels and Grey Goose. However, my greatest opportunity  was given to me on July 5, 2013 when my son, Kekoah Lorenzo was born.
     I am a culmination of a journey. A journey that has been rerouted, delayed, cancelled and restarted. Whenever I step out of the house, I can’t “just throw something on” because, I represent my race, my son, my last name and my city. I refuse to be defined by man made settings. I believe we are all creators and my blog represents one of my creations.
My motto “Being original, is as simple as being yourself”, is a lifestyle. And the great thing is it should look different on each person.


  1. Young man, if I never told you that I am proud of you…..I’m telling you now. You are a good figure for the youth in the DC area. Keep up the good work and reach for the stars. A scholar in public schools, graduating with honors, full scholarship to Penn State University, Wide Receiver on the football field and choose to be a professional model with the most influential modeling agency in the world. I tip my hat to you for following your dreams and never forgetting where you came from. Wanting to give back to the youth of Washington DC. is a blessing.


  2. Thanks for the follow and abundant blessings to you and yours.

    May your heart desires come to pass in Jesus Name, Amen.



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