Casual Conversations with Jamie Bruce

Earlier this year, I hooked up with photographer, Jamie Bruce. This is our second collaboration. We decided to just turn my living room into a set, and my jeans, a tank top, and a jean shirt our wardrobe. All we did was discuss (the recent passing of) Prince, and talk about me coming to visit him in his hometown, of Nassau, Bahamas.

First NYC Shoot

Recently, I was blessed with my first photoshoot in New York City. It was an awesome experience, as I got to shoot for Perry Ellis’ Savane line. It was a drastic change of scenery for me, going from Miami to New York but I enjoyed it. Im an east coast native so cold weather isn’t an issue with me. I actually yearn for the winter and the fall at times.


The shoot was sports inspired. The theme was everyday men, can do extraordinary things. I was able to play lacrosse, do some football drills and jump around all while wearing causal business attire. I look forward to many more shoots in NYC, but I will always remember my first.