This year has been odd for me. Not bad, not good, but odd.

I accomplished some major goals: I walked in NYFW, and I booked my first ever SAG national job as a principal character. I traveled to Colombia, Oregon, and Maine for the first time. But I didn’t accomplish any of the goals I set out to accomplish this year. I also, for the first time in my life, lost someone very close to me through death. I’m not saddened by it, but it’s a new feeling, I guess. But, I did cry when Prince died earlier this year.

I’m currently, experiencing the lowest financial season through modeling, but at the same time, possibly the most lucrative year in my life. I had to choose between a kick in the nuts or a punch in the stomach aka VOTE. I chipped my front tooth eating an apple, I tried juicing ( lasted almost 48 hours), I own (leased) my first luxury car, and I recently became an Uncle for the second time. I also started taking Krav Mama classes.

This year has been unlike any other. It has seemed like a long year that went by slowly, quickly. Like a river thats calm on the surface, but has a strong under current. We still have almost two months left, and I’m cautiously excited, at least right now.

SAHD: Day 256

After 2 weeks of being away from him, I am back on Stay-at-home Daddy duty. After not seeing him for a while, he’s developed skills I wasn’t prepared for. To add to his super powers, he’s now learned how to not only climb out of his crib, but as I found out about today, he knows how to climb in. This new development plays a pivotal role in my every day dealings.

Typically, he wakes up around 7. We play, eat breakfast, watch a little tv, then he’s back to sleep around 9:30, 10. Sometimes, rarely, the latest is 11 for his morning nap. He’s usually out for about 2 hours. I cherish these 2 hours. These are a very precious 120 minutes because after that he’s unleashed until his bedtime around 7:30 at night. During his nap I usually blog, catch some ESPN, get some creative ideas out of my system or depending how the morning went I may nap too.

However, his new climbing ability threw all of that out of the window today. I put him down around 10. He went down with no fight, which is unusual but it has precedent. Little did I know, he was just calming his heart rate for his ninja-like escape. As I clean up his toys in the living room, I hear noises in his room. I hear toys moving. His mom told me he could climb out of his crib, but I didn’t believe it until I saw his door handle move and his afro pop out of the door.

After he bragged about getting out of his crib, of course in a language I couldn’t understand, I just picked him and put him back down. This time I stood by his door, listening. I heard movement,again. So I peeked in. This time I watched him escape! Impressed, and defeated at the same time like getting dunked on by Lebron James. This time, I just let him play for a while longer. After about maybe 15 minutes, I hear him drinking his bottle. That usually signals, “Its nap time”. So I go to put him in his crib only to find him already in his crib. Sorcery! I couldn’t help but smile at this feat, while also hoping that he’s out for the count. Well, you guessed it. Just a few minutes later, I hear the toys, then I see the door handle and out pops his ‘Fro.

This went on for 3 hours! 3 hours of me putting him down, him escaping, then trying to operate around him, then playing, then him grabbing his bottle, climbing in his crib and REPEAT!