Casual Conversations with Jamie Bruce

Earlier this year, I hooked up with photographer, Jamie Bruce. This is our second collaboration. We decided to just turn my living room into a set, and my jeans, a tank top, and a jean shirt our wardrobe. All we did was discuss (the recent passing of) Prince, and talk about me coming to visit him in his hometown, of Nassau, Bahamas.

Breaking Bad

Great TV shows don’t come along very often. In this age of Netflix and Hulu, we are able to consume more TV shows than ever before. Forgetting one show once a new one starts. Through it all, after trying out show after show, I ran across my first Netflix addiction two years ago; Breaking Bad.

Walter White and his anti-hero role is one of the greatest characters of my generation. This show influenced me so much, that I actually, unknowingly, had a Heisenberg moment during a shoot I did with  the great photographer, Emmanuel Monsalve.