9.15.16 7:53AM

Such disdain for

Nights with no rain

No pain to put on display

No one can tell the difference

Its interference talking about your pain

Such disdain for your pain

I’m avoiding the rain but it hasn’t

Rained in 30 days

My umbrella is on a vendetta

Such disdain for

Sunny days with no greys

Put your smiley face away

That’s how they tell the difference

Save yourself from the rain and the greys

Save your disdain

Tuck away your pain

Its interference talking about your pain

Keep a straight face and a rain coat

The Box

Who made the box?

Whats the purpose of the box, and why do I have to fit in it?

The box.

It’s a coffin.

Die at 25, but don’t get buried until your 70, because you got in the box.

No one likes the box.

You’ve been coerced, tricked, made to believe the box was catered to you.

And thats why you’re frustrated to see so many others inside.

Thats why you’re upset at those who refuse to get in the box.

The box.

It’s a coffin.

The box.

It’s death. I’ll die but i’d rather not die living in then box.