Mr. Pro Player

A few weeks ago, I talked about my amazing experience with Pro Player. This week, the website launched – . Even though this isn’t my company, and most likely, my dealings with the company as a model will end sooner than later, I feel very invested in this brand. Pro Player believes you are a pro in real life – whether you’re a carpenter, a banker, or a chef. So you should dress like the pros when you go to workout or after work.

Thanks to Rita, and Jeff Staple, and all of the great people at Pro Player. Also, I’d like to thank We Are Not Pilgrims, and the good folks of the New York Mets and Citi Field.

Becoming a PRO

One of the goals I set in modeling a while back, was to work closely with a sports brand. As a former college football player (We Are P.S.U.), I thought it would be an easy fit, between an athletic brand and I. However, with my first few years of modeling, I’ve only worked sparingly with brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. I’ve done catalog pieces for Under Armour and Nike, but never really nothing extensive, like exclusive content.

That all changed earlier this year, once I started working with Pro Player.

Anyone who grew up as a sports fan during the 90’s remembers Pro Player. They are the company who brought you all of those cool team merchandise -thats actually regained popularity as “retro” gear. The Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins, also played in Pro Player Stadium for nine years.

The brand was recently purchased by Perry Ellis, and is currently being re-branded, re-packaged, and hitting shelves in 2017. And I’m apart of the team thats helping the comeback.

Since, January, I’ve shot with the brand three times. Each time, getting more in-depth, with better products, and more momentum. It’s been awesome to be apart of a brand from the beginning. Even though Pro Player has been around for 30 years, its new and improved with a new motto, “In order to be a Pro, You have to train like a Pro”. Working alongside, the amazing creatives Rita O’brien and the “God” himself, Jeff Staple (he’s known for the Pigeon collaborations with Nike, Fila, and Puma, among other things), we have been able to bring a new image to a classic brand.


“G’s in the house!” Jeff Staple & I at S10 Gym in NYC

Showcasing slick designs, and fly patterns, Pro Player is looking to make its mark through athletic gear at affordable prices, making it easier for you to look good while you train, without going broke trying to do so.

The first shoot we did was in a studio, in Brooklyn.

The second shoot we did, we moved to it to the famous, S10 gym. The latest installment, soon to be released, we filmed at Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets.

I would’ve loved to get in on some of my favorite brands, like Nike or Under Armour, but I would’ve been another face, in a gear that everyone knows and will sell no matter what. It’s pretty epic to be apart of a brand new process, as the face of the brand! Besides, none of those companies would have 10 foot posters of me hanging around their headquarters.

Too Black, Too Bald


As a model, I was told, recently, “being bald will hinder you” and was asked to grow my hair back (If I could, I would). Add that to the fact I was told I’m “not light enough” and “we need to make sure you’re not coming of too dark”. I responded in a respectful, political manner, but in my heart, I said, “Fuck that shit. Kiss my bald head and my black ass.”


And I love Myself

Photo Apr 03, 1 22 16 AMIf a plane hits turbulence and the air mask drop down, whats your first move? A lot of people would naturally help the child or woman next to them. However, you must attach your air mask FIRST. That’s been a big motto in my life for the past few years. Not to be selfish, but rather in order for me to save others, or in my case, provide for my family I must first save myself.

Love yourself. Hug yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Save yourself from the proverbial turbulence in life. Take 15 minutes of your day and just sit back and breath. Smile at all you’ve accomplished and at all the great things there are to come.

Photo Apr 03, 6 23 03 PMPhotos by @lcowart

First NYC Shoot

Recently, I was blessed with my first photoshoot in New York City. It was an awesome experience, as I got to shoot for Perry Ellis’ Savane line. It was a drastic change of scenery for me, going from Miami to New York but I enjoyed it. Im an east coast native so cold weather isn’t an issue with me. I actually yearn for the winter and the fall at times.


The shoot was sports inspired. The theme was everyday men, can do extraordinary things. I was able to play lacrosse, do some football drills and jump around all while wearing causal business attire. I look forward to many more shoots in NYC, but I will always remember my first.


First Sports Shoot

I recently did my first sports themed photoshoot. Yes, it was a test shoot but as a football player turned model, it felt good to relive good times passed. It was my first time putting on cleats since 2010 when I did my pro day in front of all 32 NFL teams. I got to work with a great young photographer, Orinary. I definitely look forward to working with him again, and hopefully this leads to some MORE clients. #bbbvision